OxyV Water Treatment System

The OxyV Water Treatment System

OxyV Water Treatment SystemUntreated or poorly treated water can breed a multitude of organisms, parasites, pathogens and other unwanted organic growth in water systems that could cause problems in efficiency. A good water treatment system is necessary to prevent such growth. Our OxyV system is a highly efficient and reliable way to drastically improve water quality, with minimal operational concerns. It’s safe, requires little to no upkeep, functions constantly and reliably, and doesn’t require harsh or hazardous chemicals like chlorine or acids. The OxyV water treatment system is small and can install into a variety of water applications quickly and easily and will begin showing results in a short time. 

How Does it Work?

Classified as an advanced oxidation process, or AOP, our OxyV water treatment system harnesses the natural process of oxidation to purify and clean water in order to achieve a number of benefits. From killing microorganisms, to reducing scale by eliminating biofilm buildup, to stopping mold growth, OxyV keeps water systems clean and flowing.

Our system works by utilizing both ozone gas and ultraviolet light to create hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl free radicals in water. These hydroxyl free radicals quickly oxidize in water to eliminate a wide variety of pathogens, bacteria and organic and inorganic material to purify water. What’s more, these free radicals are extremely short lived, and quickly revert back into oxygen, making the purified water both clean and safe for consumption by plants and animals. 

  • Most powerful oxidizer
  • Kills a wide variety of bacteria and pathogens
  • Keeps pipes clean and flowing
  • Drastically reduces biofilm buildup

Return on Investment

It’s important for any business that an investment pays off, and we’re confident that our OxyV water treatment system will do just that. Not only is OxyV convenient, powerful, and safe, it’s also very cost-effective. Because it’s constantly functioning, you won’t have to worry about the cost of purchasing or handling toxic chemicals. And because OxyV is so low-maintenance, you’ll save time in your day that you could use in other areas to maximize business efficiency. By halting the growth of biofilm the OxyV system also ensures that water flow rates remain efficient. 

Why Switch?

Water treatment can be one of the most crucial things to consider in maintaining a facility, and the OxyV water treatment system can deliver both quality and convenience, while being very cost-effective. OxyV uses powerful AOP technology to clean water without the need for harsh chemicals, and works constantly, freeing up time and resources that can be allocated elsewhere to maximize efficiency. The system itself is small, easy-to use and can be used in a variety of applications, including feedlots for cattle, poultry and swine, irrigation, cooling towers and much more. We’re confident that using an OxyV water treatment system in your facility will offer maximum efficiency and you can expect a quick return on your investment. 

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