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FCT Water believes in cooperative service, not only providing our customers with helpful products and water treatment programs, but also with our knowledge, attention, and experience. You can lean on the experience of our water treatment experts and have peace of mind knowing that your needs will be met with the best fit solution – no matter how challenging the problem, FCT Water can tackle it.

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System and Program Audits

A good water treatment solution always begins with a thorough system and/or program audit by a qualified water treatment expert. This audit can help uncover inefficiencies, risk points, and opportunities in water treatment operations to greatly improve system performance. It can also help ensure compliance with state and national water treatment guidelines. For these reasons and more, an audit can be the starting point for huge improvements that save time and money down the road and lead to a better process overall. System and program audits include:

  • Full inspection of existing equipment and water treatment programs to ensure best practices and standards are in place.
  • Tailored recommendations to improve efficiency.
  • Identification of risk points in current water treatment and operations practices.
  • Explore potential for ways to reduce or reuse water,
  • Legionella/ ASHRAE 188 audits.

Problem Solving

Water is complicated, and problems associated with water are diverse and plenty. A number of factors within water systems can affect it in different ways, and because makeup water is different in every facility, there is no one-size-fits all solution to treating water-related problems. Instead, a water treatment expert should investigate and analyze the troubled water to begin the process of finding the right solution to fixing it. Whether it’s a conceptual challenge such as coming up with an efficient water re-use system, or an immediate problem FCT Water can help formulate and implement a solution.

  • Help solve specific problems relating to water treatment;
  • Investigate problem areas to determine root cause,
  • Provide recommendations, and suggest operations/ program improvements to address and solve the problem.
  • Engineer treatment systems for solving issues with hard-to-treat water.
  • Water re-use conceptual review, system design and program implementation.
  • … and more! Bring your water issues to us, no matter how challenging they may be, and we can help solve them!

Treatment Services

Water Testing & Analysis

Pump & Equipment Calibration

Control Systems Upgrades

Biological & Corrosion Monitoring

Operator Training & Lab Services

FCT Water Treatment offers testing and analysis for water quality across multiple industries.

Easy and effective way to ensure control equipment is functioning properly.

Always looking forward to keep customers ahead of the competition with cutting edge technology.

FCT Water Treatment helps customers ensure treatment program is effective in preventing corrosion and biofouling.

FCT Water Treatment provides customers the knowledge they need to successfully monitor and operate their water treatment systems on their own.

Let’s Get Started!

Water is utilized across many industries and hundreds of applications, and it isn’t always easy to work with. If you have any water-related problems, or want to optimize your system and save on water and fuel down the road, get in touch! One of our water treatment experts would love to hear from you. Our audits are thorough and exhaustive and can be the first step towards a more efficient process.

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