Chemical Precipitation

Remove Metals Efficiently with Chemical Precipitation

Dissolved metals in water or wastewater are not desirable, and local and national laws often require certain levels of metals to be removed to remain compliant. To achieve the most desirable water for your goals, and to remain compliant, it’s best to consult a water treatment expert to formulate a program to treat the specific factors within your unique water.

FCT Water can effectively and efficiently remove metals from water by utilizing chemical precipitation techniques. Our experience-honed approach involves careful testing to determine an optimal treatment plan to reduce treatment cost, optimize dosing, and minimize sludge volume. If you have metal in your water, reach out to us and we can perform jar test s on your water to see if any optimization can be done to improve the efficiency of your operation and ensure compliance with water and wastewater regulations.

Test, Optimize, Save

All water is different, and different factors within the water or wastewater to be treated will change the optimal program  with which to treat it. That’s why FCT Water likes to jar test before determining a program regimen. An optimized chemical precipitation program can lead to:

    • Lower product costs thanks to optimized program;
    • more optimal dosing based on careful jar testing;
    • compliance with discharge regulations;
    • and minimized sludge. Less sludge to deal with means less headache for you.

Custom Solutions for Your Business

Chemical precipitation can be one part of a larger program. FCT Water can handle any of your water related needs, from the initial audit, to program planning and implementation, we work with our clients through every step of the process to achieve the most optimal solution available.

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