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Purified Tannins for Better Boiler Water Treatment

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Remove Scale


Protect Against Corrosion

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Improve Overall Performance

While tannins have been used for boiler water treatment for decades now, purified tannins are a proven technology that are quickly becoming the go-to choice for many businesses that rely on boilers. Purified tannin offers several advantages over both its non-purified counterpart, as well as over traditional boiler cleaning and treatment solutions like sulfites and phosphates. These advantages include a boost to boiler efficiency, a significant reduction in operational costs, as well as an ability to remove existing scale deposits and protect against corrosion. Purified tannin is also a green, renewable boiler treatment option. Finally, purified tannin works across different boiler industries and pressures.

How Do Purified Tannins Increase Boiler Efficiency?


One major perk of purified tannin technology is that it allows boilers to be operated at higher cycles of concentration – even higher than ASME guidelines. This allows boilers to run more efficiently and reducing fuel and makeup water usage to significantly cut costs over time when compared to other boiler treatment options. While the level of cycle concentration will vary depending on factors like feed water quality and specific application, plants that have tested purified tannin technology have seen a significant increase in achievable levels of cycle concentration. This generally means less blowdown and more efficient use of fuel and water, as well as a reduction in wastewater.

Purified Tannins Remove Scale and Keep Boilers Clean

Common issues like scale depositing and corrosion in steam boilers can be tedious to deal with, and even lead to plant downtime and premature equipment failure. Purified tannin fights against these costly problems. When used in a large paper facility, purified tannin technology demonstrated an ability to not only prevent scale deposits, but to also reduce previously formed scale buildup over time. Scale and corrosion can lead to a loss of heat transfer, as well as a reduced equipment lifespan for boilers, so water treatment chemistry is often necessary to maximize boiler effectiveness and minimize headaches.

Inside a purified tannin-cleaned boiler

Among other numerous benefits, Purified Tannin is a green, safe, and environmentally-friendly product

From Renewable Resources

Purified Tannin is mostly composed of natural ingredients extracted from tree bark. It is a renewable technology that is friendly to the environment on top of being an effective treatment solution. 

Non-Toxic and Biodegradable

While some chemicals can be toxic and potentially dangerous, purified tannin is a natural and non-toxic treatment solution. It’s also a simplified treatment program, often turning 3 products into just one.

Minimize Environmental Footprint

Testing of Purified Tannin has consistently shown a significant reduction of water usage, wastewater generation, and greenhouse gas emission. Make your plant a friend to the neighborhood.

Other Benefits of Purified Tannin

In addition to directly improving and cleaning boiler and boiler applications, purified tannin technology is simple and convenient. Installation of purified tannin is quick, easy and does not require additional equipment or capital investment. It can be applied with a single feed point, making transition painless. Purified tannin is also easy to test and does not require titration. Operators can simply perform a color comparison test regularly to ensure proper application. Finally, purified tannins can be formulated as a one-drum treatment for easier storage and minimal handling.

Customer Testimonials

“Our blowdown rate went from 23 % to 5% and steam quality improved going from 45 μs/cm to 20 μs/cm… Furthermore, energy efficiency had already increased by 6%… After 11 years, we are still very satisfied and pleased with our decision.”

              – Pierre Guilbeault, Beaulieu Canada

“Ultimately, our boiler inspection showed significant improvement in the general condition, tubes were clean, with very slight deposits, nothing like last inspection. The boiler has cleaned itself with the use of [purified] tannins. Furthermore, considerable savings were made with the use of this one product.”

               – Hugues Frechette

So Why Switch?

In summary, Purified Tannin technology has many benefits that can increase the performance of boiler systems while saving on significant costs like fuel and water usage. It improves the usefulness and lifespan of boilers.

      • º Proven to work
      • º Removes scale
      • º Saves on fuel and water costs
      • º Green and renewable
      • º Increases efficiency
      • º One drum solution for easy storage and handling
      • º Easy to test – no titrations
      • º Increases working lifespan of equipment

Custom Solutions for all Your Water Treatment Needs!

Boiler cleaning and treatment can extend the lifespan of your equipment and help your business thrive. If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about purified tannin or our other water treatment solutions, click the button below. One of us here at FCT Water would love to talk with you and answer any questions you might have.

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