Process Water Treatment

Treating Process Water

Process water can be many things. Generally, any water used in an industrial process or as part of a manufacturing process can be considered process water. This can include water utilized within cooling towers or boilers, high purity deionized water, or even water used for rinsing or washing manufacturing products. 
Oftentimes, process water needs to be treated to meet certain specification, which often includes the removal of impurities like dissolved solids. Depending on the application and your specific water chemistry, there are a number of ways to treat process water. The best and most effective way of knowing what sort of treatment your process water needs is to consult with a water treatment professional.
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FCT Process Water Services

Our specialties include chemical, equipment, and service solutions for industrial water treatment and wastewater management. Your business will be provided with process automation and control, giving you the ability to accomplish goals more effectively and efficiently, saving energy and costs. We offer:

Customized treatment strategies

Implementation of systems procedures

Effective cost solutions

Quality control and assurances

Process Water Treatment Services

  • Process water can include many things. Some of the most common process water treatment solutions that FCT Water offers include:

Boiler Water and Cooling Water Treatment – treatment for scaling, corrosion, biological fouling, and general dirt/debris

Deionization and DI Bottles – removal of dissolved solids to provide you with high purity water.

Filming Amines – utilizing polyamines allows a film forming species to form a barrier on metal to protect from the corrosive species in water.

Bioaugmentation –by utilizing scientifically selected organisms into a wastewater we can reduce sludge volume, decrease odor, and improve facility treatment capacity, among other benefits.

Flocculation – the addition of synthetic polymers to combine coagulated particles into larger particles that can float or settle more easily.

Wastewater Treatment – Removing pollutants from water while being environmentally conscious has become an ever-pressing issue. We can engineer treatment solutions for your company based on our extensive knowledge and equipment.

Custom Solutions for Industrial Process Water

Process water treatment can be a very important part of any manufacturing process. Proper water treatment and management can ensure that your water consistently meets your required standards, while also helping to prevent potential water-based issues such as scaling and corrosion. FCT Water Treatment provides industrial and commercial properties with water management solutions that are designed to maximize efficiency. FCT Water Treatment helps transition businesses into innovative applications and the latest technologies in order to preserve equipment and reduce industrial water treatment related issues.

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