Modular Water Systems

Custom Modular Water Treatment for Your Convenience

Whether you need potable water, wastewater treatment, groundwater remediation, or any other type of water treatment, we are here to help.

FCT Water can build custom modular water treatment systems that meet your needs in the most effective and efficient manner. Our team will work with you to help identify existing issues, discuss goals, and specifications that need to be met, and engineer a system to achieve those goals and specifications while ensuring regulatory compliance. Containerized in shipping containers or skids, our systems can be easily transported to wherever you need them while also offering scalability for future expansion. Lean on our expertise to get your water from point A to point B with as little headache as possible.

Benefits of Going Modular

Scalability, Portability, Flexibility

Our modular systems function as a plug-and-play setup, significantly reducing cost and headache as you scale your system. Modular systems allow for your treatment capacity to scale with your needs, eliminating the need for massive upfront capital investment in large plants or systems. The flexibility and decentralized nature of our solutions help you achieve your treatment goals without breaking the bank. Our modular systems, which come pre-plumbed and wired, minimize jobsite work allowing for quick installation and commissioning.

The best part: future expansion is as simple as adding another unit.

containerized water system

Proven Technologies

Reliability Where You Need It

We recognize that water can vary significantly from location to location. Whether groundwater, surface water, process water, or some other source each will present its unique set of challenges.

FCT Water’s team of water treatment experts is well versed in all of the water treatment technologies and will draw on this experience to design the optimal system for your water. Here are some examples of the many technologies and approaches we can utilize:

• Mechanical Filtration

• Softening/ Conditioning

• Oxidation, Iron/ Manganese Removal

• Micro and Ultra-Filtration

• Chemical Water Conditioning

• Nano-Filtration/ Reverse Osmosis

• Sea Water Desalination

• Demineralization and Ion-Exchange

• UV/ Ozone Disinfection

• Distillation

• Cooling Tower Water Treatment

• Coagulation, Flocculation, Clarification

• Water Re-Use

Who Can Benefit From Modular Water Systems?

Because of the flexibility they offer, modular water systems can be utilized in many different situations. From potable water treatment to wastewater treatment, groundwater remediation or stormwater treatment, desalination or rainwater treatment and re-use, as well as more, modular systems serve a variety of industries and facilities, including:

• Residential Developments

• Condominiums

• Hotels and Resorts

• Food and Beverage Manufacturers

• Mines

• Oil and Gas

• Remote Work Sites

• Small Towns

• Expansion of Existing Systems

modular water system

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