Livestock Water

Treating Livestock Drinking Water with OxyV

Livestock animals consume a lot of water – it’s a critical part of a healthy lifecycle. Animals, and especially livestock animals, need lots of water everyday to grow and be healthy and productive. Whether its poultry, swine, or cattle, all animals livestock drink water. But livestock water can be a breeding ground for bacteria, pathogens and other harmful and unwanted contaminants. To get rid of these contaminants, and therefore attain high-quality livestock water, Poorly treated water can lead to unhealthy livestock and hurt business for feed yards and other animal housing facilities. To ensure healthy, happy animals, a good water treatment system for livestock drinking water is crucial.

FCT Water’s OxyV water treatment system is a reliable, cost effective, and powerful way to drastically improve water quality without the use of harsh chemicals.

water treatment for livestock
Healthy Animals

OxyV water treatment system eliminates pathogens, bacteria, mold and other unwanted growth in supply water to ensure healthy, happy livestock.

Low Maintenance

As long as water is flowing, OxyV is purifying. OxyV is low maintenance and reliable, which means less stress, and guaranteed pure water, always.

Reduced Costs

OxyV eliminates the need for harsh chemicals. That means no more buying, storing, handling, or implementing harsh chemicals.

How does it work?

The OxyV water treatment system utilizes the natural process of oxidation to purify and clean livestock water in order to achieve a number of benefits. From killing microorganisms, to reducing scale by eliminating biofilm buildup, to stopping mold growth, OxyV keeps water systems clean and efficient with very little upkeep or maintenance or the need for chemicals.

OxyV Livestock Water Treatment System

Our system works by utilizing both ozone gas and ultraviolet light to create hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl free radicals in livestock water supply. These hydroxyl free radicals quickly oxidize in livestock water to kill a wide variety of pathogens, bacteria and organic and inorganic material to purify water. What’s more, these free radicals are extremely short lived, and quickly revert back into oxygen, making the purified livestock water both clean and safe for consumption by livestock. 

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