Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment is a form of water purification which produces high-purity water for use in a variety of applications across different markets. Reverse Osmosis, or RO for short, is one of the best way to remove unwanted minerals from water to meet your water-purity requirements. RO water has a wide range of uses, and can increase efficiency and save money in the long run reducing overall water usage and helping save on energy and other water-related expenses.

Reverse Osmosis System
RO Filter

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

Reverse Osmosis is the process of removing dissolved minerals and solids from water through the use of a semi-permeable membrane. The unfiltered water is subjected to an applied pressure through the  membrane, which allows for the separation of the unwanted dissolved matter from the pure water. This high-purity water is useful within many applications where scale, corrosion, and fouling might be an issue, including industrial applications such as boilers or cooling towers. To find out where Reverse Osmosis might be useful for you, reach out to one of our water treatment experts today. 

Is Reverse Osmosis Right for You?

Reverse Osmosis systems come in many different shapes and sizes and fit into a variety of different applications. The high-purity RO water produced by the process can be helpful across many applications, and can help save money and prevent issues down the line by removing unwanted dissolved minerals, organics, bacteria and more from water. FCT Water can asses your water chemistry and help create a custom solution to meet you high-purity water needs and ensure you get the best results possible.

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