Irrigation Water

Treating Irrigation Water with OxyV

Irrigation water is one of the most important factors in the success of crops. All life depends on water, and plants especially so. That’s why irrigation water treatment is so important for row crop farmers and any horticulturalist. Untreated or poorly treated water can breed a multitude of organisms, parasites, pathogens and other unwanted organic and inorganic growth in irrigation pipes that could endanger the health and yield of crops, or decrease the efficiency of farm operations. Our OxyV system is a highly efficient, reliable, and chemical-free way to drastically improve irrigation water quality.

irrigation water

The Benefits of OxyV 

The OxyV system essentially turns oxygen (O2) into ozone gas (O3), which is then injected into passing water. This in turn undergoes a series of chemical reactions to produce hydroxyl free radicals (OH) in the water, which act as powerful oxidizers that offer a number of purifying effects.

  • Oxidizers attack biofilm, reducing scale buildup
  • Eliminate pathogens, bacteria, and other unwanted organic growth
  • Completely chemical-free
  • Can install quickly and easily into almost any water application
  • Increases oxygen to root zone
  • Requires little to no upkeep
  • Works constantly and reliably
  • Starts working fast
before OxyV
Irrigation drip before using OxyV
after OxyV
Irrigation drip after using OxyV for one month

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