FCT Water Treatment Chemistry

FCT Water Treatment provides a wide variety of products to meet any potential water treatment conditions. As water treatment professionals, we recognize that no water source is the same, and with unique water conditions brings unique treatment needs. Our product line was strategically designed to meet 95 percent of water treatment needs, and our blending plant in Greeley and our formulation chemists offer product customization to handle even the most difficult water conditions such as hard water, biological fouling and more. FCT Water Treatment chemistries are compatible with various treatment technologies including oxygen scavengers, water softeners and deionization.

Boiler Water

Boiler water chemicals focus on protection of equipment and increased operational efficiencies by addressing corrosion and scaling.

Cooling Water

Cooling water chemicals are strategically fed to prevent corrosion, scaling and biofouling in an evaporative cooling system.

Closed Loop

Closed Loop treatment chemicals are used to prevent corrosion and biological contamination of a closed loop system.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis treatment chemicals are used to control and maintain the semi-permeable membrane.


Precipitation chemicals are added to form particles of contaminants in a waste stream that can then be settled and removed.


Coagulation chemicals are added to a waste stream to destabilize colloidal particles, aiding in the removal of the contaminants.


Polymers are added to a waste stream to clump small destabilized particles into larger aggregates that are then easier to remove.


Defoamers are added to hinder the formation of foam in industrial process liquids.

Boiler Water Chemicals

BOILERBWT1300Standard Oxygen Scavenger for both Firetube and Watertube boilers.
BWT2001Morpholine for use in power plants.
BWT7007Standard Neutralizing Amine blend for steam line treatment.
BWT7007FGNeutralizing Amine blend for steam line treatment in accounts where steam comes in direct contact with food.
BWT4000Flagship internal treatment from which all other iterations will be derived. Designed for lower pressure boilers with low hardness in feed water and good O2 scavenging.
BWT4000AAll-in-one product for small package boilers.
BWT4000BAll-in-one product for small package boilers in food and beverage applications, particularly breweries.
BWT4000FGInternal treatment for food grade accounts where steam comes in direct contact with food.


*Additional products are available for unique water chemistry conditions.
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FCT Water creates custom blends of chemicals to meet the unique needs of each of our customers. Rather than giving you “off-the-shelf” blends, we test and assess your current water chemistry and design custom blended chemicals to give you the best results possible.

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