Why use FCT Water Treatment Services?

FCT Water Treatment understands that a great water treatment program goes beyond simply selecting and feeding the right product. In order to effectively treat a system, FCT Water Treatment custom engineers a water treatment solution that addresses not only pre-treatment and chemical treatment, but also operational control through automation and monitoring programs. In every system we treat we assess the conditions and design a program to address the four essential items that must be accounted for in any system we treat: Scaling, Corrosion, Biofouling, and General Dirt and Debris.

We understand that high-quality, professional service is critical to meeting our program goals and as a result have emphasized building a team of water treatment professionals that will excel at exceeding customer expectations.

French Creek Software

  • Writes and distributes mineral scale potential, corrosion prediction
  • Inhibitor modeling software for cooling water, oilfields, reverse osmosis, mining, and water reuse.
  • Visit www.frenchcreeksoftware.com to learn more about our industry standard software.

WaterCycle® modeling software enables water treatment specialists to thoroughly model mineral scale potential over a narrow or broad operating range. French Creek modeling software offer extensive inhibitor modeling features, including custom formulation input.

FCT Water Treatment Reports

  • A fast, efficient way to monitor your water
  • Use the link to the right (or at the bottom of this page) to access your water reports

Custom Water Treatment Programs

  • Volume pricing vs. Contract pricing
  • Service stops as needed (weekly, monthly, quarterly)

Treatment Services



Water Testing & Analysis

Pump & Equipment Calibration

Control Systems Upgrades

Biological & Corrosion Monitoring

Operator Training & Lab Services

FCT Water Treatment offers testing and analysis for water quality across multiple industries.

Easy and effective way to ensure control equipment is functioning properly.

Always looking forward to keep customers ahead of the competition with cutting edge technology.

FCT Water Treatment helps customers ensure treatment program is effective in preventing corrosion and biofouling.

FCT Water Treatment provides customers the knowledge they need to successfully monitor and operate their water treatment systems on their own.

We assist our customers in meeting their own objectives, minimizing adverse environmental impacts from their processes through the implementation of the most effective water treatment programs. Our goal is to establish a solid working relationship with our customers to ensure they meet their unique and strict compliance requirements.

Local Delivery Teams

  • Available in the Front Range and surrounding areas.
  • Allows customers to receive products and services quickly.
  • Also serving Chicago and Northern California areas.