Water Treatment Pilot Systems

Pilot Systems: Try Before you Buy

A water treatment system can be a major commitment that takes up space, costs energy to run, and requires maintenance and upkeep. It’s important, therefore, to know what benefits your water treatment system will provide ahead of time, and have data and statistics to justify your investment. FCT Water offers pilot systems to allow municipalities and industrial sites to run a small-scale system and collect data before committing to a full system. Our pilot systems come pre-engineered and can be installed rapidly into pre-existing floorplans. For more information about our pilot systems, contact one of our engineers using the button below.


How Pilot Studies Benefit Your Bottom-line

Running pilot studies on new treatment systems can be a valuable practice that allows a facility to better understand the possible outcomes and benefits a treatment system may provide, without full-scale implementation. Some benefits of a pilot system include: 


Effectiveness evaluation
A pilot system will give a good approximation of the possible benefits of a larger system before a full commitment is made. This can allow for valuable data to be collected to give a better idea of how effective the full system would be. 


A pilot system allows for site-specific water to be tested on a small scale before a full-scale system is put in place. This means that operation parameters can be tweaked and tested to find the most optimal process for maximum efficiency and savings. 

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Compliance verification
Small-scale water treatment is a great way to verify whether or not a treatment application is able to maintain water within acceptable specifications for regulation and standard compliance.

How to Get Started

Interested in trying out a pilot system? The first step is to contact one of our FCT Water representatives and ask about pilot systems. We can provide systems for a number of different types of water treatment, including PFAS water treatment, boiler water treatment, cooling tower water treatment, and more. Use the button below to reach out and get in touch!

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