Polyamines, also commonly referred to as film forming amines, are a category of products for boilers, closed-loops, and even cooling systems based on the tendency of the products to form a hydrophobic protective film throughout a given system. The products, depending on the application, typically are a blend of film forming amines, neutralizing amines, and dispersants.

The properties of the film forming species allow for a film to form on the metal surface, protecting the surface of the metallurgy from the corrosive species in the water. The resultant film acts as a barrier between the water and the metal surface, preventing many corrosion issues typically found on the waterside surface of a system. The volatility of the products allow for whole system protection, in which a continuous film or barrier can be created and maintained from a single feed point.

The products also have a crystal modifying property that help prevent scaling of heat exchange surfaces. The addition of dispersants into some of the formulations further prevents fouling as a result of potential deposition.

Benefits of Polyamines

Energy and water savings are another major benefit of Polyamines. The products are all-organic and therefore contribute little to the system conductivity, allowing for higher cycles to be run in the system and reducing blowdown, ultimately saving both energy and water. The formation of the film has a cleaning effect on the system—a cleaner heat exchange surface means better heat transfer and potentially huge energy savings.

FCT Water’s partnership with Odyssee Environnement has allowed for a full offering of polyamine formulations for boilers, cooling towers, and closed-loops, including a product with NSF approval for steam that comes in direct contact with food. Whether a water treatment company looking for a trusted partner in blending or an end user interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your FCT Water Representative.

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