Clean Water is Life

FCT Water provides products, engineering, and support for your water management needs.

Who is FCT Water?

FCT Water Treatment is a specialty chemical and service solutions provider for water treatment, wastewater treatment, and process automation and control. We are committed to anticipating and fulfilling our customer’s needs through appropriate product and service solutions.


Why Work with FCT Water?

Custom Blending

Technical Support

Maximum Efficiency

Why Water Matters

For most projects, good water treatment is 90% mechanical and 10% chemical. It’s the systems you build and the processes you use that help you reach maximum efficiency.

FCT Water helps you save money by improving the overall efficiency of your water management. In boiler and cooling water alone, you can increase your efficiency significantly by having the proper water management practices.

Poor water management means corrosion, system issues, and reduced heat transfer from surfaces. This can cost your company in efficiency. Left untreated, it can also mean expensive delays in production and may even require entire system shutdown until it’s resolved.

We understand that water management matters. Let us help you maximize your potential by creating water treatment programs custom designed for your needs.


Our Process

Whether you need custom blended chemical solutions, automated testing, or specialized treatments, FCT Water can help. Our technology stack and relationships mean we can meet your unique water needs. No problem is too technical and we often succeed where others fail. For us, technical support isn’t just a tagline. It’s the DNA of our business.

Water makes your business run. And our business is water.

Water Management Means Fewer Headaches

FCT Water Treatment understands that a great water treatment program goes beyond simply selecting and feeding the right product. In order to effectively treat a system, FCT Water Treatment custom engineers a water treatment solution that addresses not only pre-treatment and water treatment chemistry, but operational control through automation and monitoring programs.

In every system we treat we assess the conditions and design a program to address the essential four items that must be accounted for in any system we treat: Scaling, Corrosion, Biofouling, and General Dirt and Debris.
We understand that high-quality, professional service is critical to meeting our program goals and as a result have emphasized building a team of water treatment professionals that will excel at exceeding customer expectations.

Ready to talk? Give our team a call and we’ll show you how we can improve your water management.