High Purity Water

What is High Purity Water?

High purity water, also sometimes referred to as ultrapure water, is water that has undergone a process of purification to remove contaminants to achieve a more desirable process water. The process to achieve high-purity water often involves multiple steps, and the resulting high-purity water can be used in a number of applications, including as boiler feedwater, pharmaceutical water, semi-conductor grade water, DI water, and much more. The quality of water required can vary depending on what it’s being used for. A water treatment expert can  develop a custom high-purity water system to achieve the correct specification of water necessary for your solutions.

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Our High-Purity Solutions

Deionized Water is an important ingredient in hundreds of processes across many industries. DI water is highly pure water which has had ionized materials and salts removed for a more desirable process water. FCT Water offers service deionization and DI bottle delivery.

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment is a form of water purification which produces high-purity water for use in a variety of applications across different markets. It is one of the best ways to remove unwanted material from water to meet even the strictest specification.

Filtering water can greatly reduce certain types of water fouling, like corrosion and scale in industrial applications. Water filtration is any process which removes or reduces impurities from water in order to achieve a more pure water and prevent common issues associated with untreated water.

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