Cooling Tower Water Treatment for Data Centers

Keeping Data Centers Cool with Cooling Towers

The digitalization of data is leading to an increase in the importance of water treatment for cooling towers in data centers. More and more digital information is being stored and streamed every year at increasing rates, meaning that servers are having to grow and become more efficient as well. These servers produce heat, which, in order to run efficiently, must be cooled to acceptable temperatures. Cooling towers are often utilized for this task, but cooling tower water is susceptible to some problems that require treatment. So in order for your data center cooling towers to run efficiently and last longer, water treatment is a must.

Cooling Towers for Data Centers

Why Treat Cooling Tower Water?

Data center coolers function by moving heat from the air inside of the center, across a heat transfer surface, and into circulating water which evaporates in the cooling tower to release heat into the atmosphere. This water, however, may also accumulate unwanted materials over time which can deposit onto the heat transfer surface and significantly reduce its effectiveness. A fouled heat transfer surface can decrease the efficiency of the entire system by increasing costs associated with both water and energy. Proper cooling tower water treatment can:

• Increase system cooling effectiveness.

• Reduce energy costs.

• Reduce water costs.

• Increase equipment lifespan.

• Reduce headaches and unexpected downtime.

Cooling Towers for Data Centers

Cooling towers come in many different shapes and sizes, and water chemistry can vary between facilities, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for treating cooling tower water. Instead, a system audit should be done in order to determine the specific challenges your water is facing, so that an expert can help come up with targeted, effective solutions. To prevent issues like scaling, corrosion, fouling and biological growth, a consistent, tailored management plan is highly recommended. FCT Water can help diagnose your waster systems and come up with a plan that fits your specific water.

Water Treatment for You!

Cooling tower water treatment is the best way to make sure costly cooling towers work as efficiently and for as long as possible. A good treatment plan can also save money in the long run by reducing water and energy consumption costs. FCT Water acts as an extension of your team, making sure that water treatment is done the right way for you! Use the button below to talk to one of our experts today!

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