Service Deionization (SDI) is a safe and economical way for customers to obtain consistent, high-purity water. Our systems consist of activated carbon and ion exchange resin contained in portable tanks that are connected directly to your water supply. This allows for the ion exchange of two electrolites. In water treatment, ion exchange is where one contaminant is removed from the water by another substance creating high-purity water.

Why choose Deionization Services from FCT Water Treatment?

  • Largest regeneration plant for deionization bottles in Colorado
  • Local delivery available in Illinois, Texas, Northern California and Colorado
  • One of very few companies that specialize in water treatment chemistry along with deionization services
  • No major capital investment
  • No upkeep, parts or maintenance of equipment
  • Guaranteed water purity and flow rates for your specific needs

When deionization tanks are exhausted FCT Water Treatment service technicians replace the exhausted tanks with regenerated tanks, rotating them for maximum throughput.

Tank Sizes Offered:

Tank Size (ft3/Liters) Tank Tank Lining
1.2/3.4 Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic ABS/Polypro
3.6/102 Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic ABS/Polypro
42/1180 Carbon Steel Rubber Epoxy
42/1180 Stainless Steel N/A